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We take care of it all.

We partner with great doctors to create a great practice to provide great care.

By recruiting, credentialing, scheduling, educating, and innovating, our partnerships

are designed to solve the problems of today’s healthcare environment.



We’re where you want to be. North, South, East, West, and everywhere in between, we provide your ideal practice environment Join our growing national network of professionals.


We take care of the people who take care of patients. When physicians and professionals are valued, every patient benefits.
We provide strong leadership, practice autonomy, and accommodating scheduling. This allows you to focus on the patient.



We focus on the health of the community.

With this broad perspective and our network

of services, we impact the system every step

of the way.

Our experienced clinical leaders and strong support systems create great partnerships. Great partnerships make stronger physicians. Stronger physicians make happier patients. Happier patients make better communities.



We optimize your revenue by taking extra measures to ensure provider documentation is accurate. While other medical coding and billing companies accept information as-is, we promote accuracy and constant improvement through the SymMetric SmartLoop

feedback system.

We’re fanatically compliant. Our 97% accuracy rate is achieved by adhering to the highest standards and a relentless attention to detail.
Information is the engine that powers the healthcare industry. We mold information into usable platforms by providing intelligent metrics with actionable knowledge.

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