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Data Integrator


Electronic exchanges of data between entities are pervasive in today’s healthcare environment. Successful billing services must be able to exchange patient demographic data with hospitals and physician offices, as well as claims information with health plans and carriers; MSNI licenses a robust, HIPAA compliant data mapping tool that fully automates these types of exchanges. Furthermore, this tool allows MBSI to pursue direct data exchanges with high-volume carriers (EMS funds, local medical groups, IPAs) or health plans that do not currently partner with a clearinghouse, resulting in faster reimbursement for our clients

Medical Billing Software


MSNI utilizes Computer Processing Unlimited’s highly sophisticated medical management system, MED/FM. This robust billing application runs on a powerful IBM iSeries platform and is highly integrated with a complementary suite of software products, enabling us to provide our clients with complete solutions. EMBI believes MED/FM best matches our highly effective and efficient billing philosophy.

This application provides our medical billing experts with the necessary tools to navigate today’s complex billing environment in an effective and productive manner. The MED/FM system offers:


•Electronic claims to government agencies and private/third party carriers
•Electronic remittance from government agencies
•Managed care contract management to include monitoring for appropriate reimbursement
•Real time, on-line collections module for highly effective follow-up with both insurance carriers and patients
•Multi-entity billing capabilities
•Automated capture of patient demographics and/or charges

Document Imaging


MSNI is fully operational with document imaging, achieving an end-to-end, fully paperless operation. This imaging project offers many benefits to our clients including: secure archiving of patient records; automated submission of medical records with claim form when required; and fast retrieval of medical records allowing the quickest response to insurance inquiries. Furthermore, the full suite of applications and EDI tools allows MSNI to partner with hospitals to retrieve medical records electronically - saving time and money.

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