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We optimize your revenue by taking extra measures to ensure provider documentation is accurate. While other medical coding and billing companies accept information as-is, we promote accuracy and constant improvement through the SymMetric SmartLoop feedback system.

We’re fanatically compliant. Our 97% accuracy rate is achieved by adhering to the highest standards and a relentless attention to detail.  Information is the engine that powers the healthcare industry. We mold information into usable platforms by providing intelligent metrics with actionable knowledge.


We know that quality medical billing begins with quality coding. Certified professional coders with extensive emergency department experience manage our professional coding services. MSNI has developed proprietary training and auditing programs to assure accurate CPT and ICD-9 coding.


MSNI'S broad range of professional coding services includes: emergency medicine, hospitalist, physical therapy, wound care, ambulatory care and family practice. Coding staff and auditors complete an intensive on-site training program in MSNI's own classrooms and attend regular continuing education sessions to ensure CPT and ICD-9 coding.

MSNI utilizes a three-part systematic approach to professional fee for service coding.


Coder Education

MSNI has developed a proprietary medical coding curriculum. The training staff utilizes our curriculum, taught in our dedicated training facility for all our coding and auditing specialists’ initial and continuing educational needs. All our coding teams are thoroughly cross-trained on the specific needs for every client group. MBSI provides a solid, basic foundation for new coders and continuing education for our experienced coding team.

MSNI maintains a large educational coding resource library including many industry standard publications and periodicals as well as MSNI manuals and other resources available on the internet. All of our coders have immediate access to coding support specialists who can research any complex coding issue.



The final component of MSNI’s Quality Coding Service is quality assurance auditing. EMCI has a dedicated auditing team of specially trained, certified coders who randomly audit every coder on a monthly basis. This auditing information is stored in reporting databases that identify trends in coding and needs for specialized coder training. This proprietary auditing process maintains continuity and compliance with MSNI's quality coding standards.

MSNI's clinician educators review clinician profiles to identify outliers. Individualized feedback is provided to address areas of risk identified and an educational plan, including follow-up, is developed as needed. A semi-annual review of MSNI's coding practices is conducted by a national expert to ensure our alignment with industry and governmental standards.




Documentation Education

MSNI's educational program consists of face-to-face training, periodic e-mail updates, and web-based education modules. To make certain that our clients are in compliance with governmental guidelines, MBSI clinician educators actively review more than a dozen different coding and billing resources monthly. They also participate in many internet-based message groups sharing coding and billing information with other leaders in the industry. MSNI has become an active participant in the American Academy of Professional Coders, a nationwide organization dedicated to professional medical coding education.follow-up, is developed as needed. A semi-annual review of MSNI's coding practices is conducted by a national expert to ensure our alignment with industry and governmental standards.


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